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“You Light Up My Life” Precious Moments

We spend so much time in creating elaborate scrapbooks for our family – detailing each and every event, birthday, anniversary, and time spent with our families and friends!  We take photo upon photo to add to those scrapbooks for the events and things we do, well – why not purchase a special Precious Moments figurine to showcase each and every special event you have in your life (or just because)!!!

From the order, to the box coming – the logo on the box made it so I knew exactly what it was there!!!  I couldn’t wait to tear into the box itself – and then the smaller box and then get this little guy out!  I love how the figurine was protected during the shipment over here – and how I can put the little guy back in it’s original container so it is protected when we move!

The details in this piece – absolutely adorable!  My personal favorite, the light bulb really does light on, and has a place for a small battery to change it when it goes out!  How he is painted – his shoes, the detail on his clothing – and just how, like this little guy – how my husband really lights up my life!  So yes, lets make the scrapbooks still, and showcase the photos – but for those really special events, why not a Precious Moments figurine!!!!  Start your own collection, or purchase one as a special gift for someone to go with their scrapbook album!  My husband can look at this little man, and know always how he has brought so much joy to my life!  “You Light Up My Life” – my first in a new collection of figurines that mean something…each of them!

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