The Hidden Aspect of Scrapbooking

There are times when I scrapbook, I don’t want the words I WANT to say – be the main part of the piece…I want the picture and the title to be what people look at – maybe a bit of journaling, but nothing really fancy on the main page.  Those type of pages deserve more “hidden” journaling or hidden aspects on your page…keep the thoughts more private instead!

When you look at this layout spread, you simply see the pictures, the file folders – but do you see the hidden aspect or where the hidden is?  If you untie the ribbon, the file folder reveals my journaling, what I would tell that little girl at 4, that young single mom at 21…and if I were to do another layout today, what I would tell myself at 38 (17 years later)!  A simple way to add journalling that isn’t readily available for the world to see!  Not that my memories or the hindsight is bad, it is just reflective of MY own personal experiences…so there are times when I simply don’t want it all to be hanging out there – like in this next example!  Another piece is to add a simple tag under a photo leaving a slot in your page protector for people to remove it!

This is when we were loosing my father to Alzheimer’s disease, such a horrible time in my life!  Dad ended up dying 5 years to the day after my ex-husband committed suicide…3 days after my birthday!  I often have thought of who “I am” – not looking like anyone, I talk like my sister, I am creative and have blue eyes like my mom and I am tall like my dad… other than that, I am not like the “others” in my family!  The hidden aspect in this part – is under the right side of the layout on the second side!!!  Directions to create:

Supplies needed – 2 sheets same color cardstock, 1 sheet color you can journal on, adhesive of your choice


Step one:  The 2nd sheet of cardstock needs to be cut at 4 3/4 x 11, scoring at 1/2″ on the right side.

Step two:  Using your favorite adhesive, you need to attach the half sheet of cardstock to the full sheet of cardstock at the bottom of the full sheet, so the half sheet folds over.

Step three: On the top of the cardstock, design as normal – on the “hidden” part as you open the flap, add your sheet of cardstock (trimmed and cut in half) for your journaling!

Another idea for hidden journaling, is under the picture such as this –







Use more hidden journaling in your pieces, showcase some of the journaling you want to keep, but not be the main part of the piece!  Challenges for you:

  1. Recreate one of the layouts shown here!
  2. Do a layout that you want to have a bit of “hidden” journaling on it!

I love using hidden features in my pages, things I just don’t want everyone to read!  I am sure you are like me in that respect!  Do a layout or project today!!

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