Monthly Creative Challenge

You know – these posts are more for me, than for you (wink, wink)!  I just hope they help you as much as they are starting to help me!  I have a lot to accomplish the next few months – so lets get started!  Grab your favorite organizing utensils – a calendar of some sort, sheet of paper with a pen/pencil, program on your device – whatever you use directly…grab it all and lets get started in planning!

  • First look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks – until the middle of April!  Easter is the first Sunday in April, so you might want to plan on that for sure!!!!  Do you have anything else you need to get done at all?
  • Look at the next 3 months, do you have anything during this time period – until the end of May going on you need to plan for?  Add them to your list of things to do!
  • Last start to look at the next 6 months, plan until the end of August!  Yes, it seems like a long time off, but in the planning/purchasing/creating/sending out scope of things, it’s not a long time at all!

My list, just got bigger with family in our lives!  This year, I have wanted to make things special, but didn’t plan things right.  I am sad for those special people in my life that I simply tell them how much I love them, but those little things – a card in the mail, something created for them, and in the mail…well, I fail miserably at that!  My list right now:

  1. Birthday cards – I have lost count at the amount I need in the next few months…I am at about 25 or so in the next 2 months LOL!  That doesn’t include the next few months after that either!
  2. Easter is coming up – need to absolutely do a fun projects for that!
  3. Working on a special “fairy/angel” garden, something that I can put outside in my space to make it look good!  Something that is for those in my life that has passed on!  An ongoing design team project I am starting on!
  4. May is our anniversary, so of course I have got to plan something amazing for us!  A special card/project to showcase my love for this amazing man – with a gift card in he can just simply shop for himself!
  5. Mothers Day – have got to make sure projects are done for this day!  Right now I have a list of a few special things to make and mail!  So this day, truly has to be thought out, planned, shopped for, and mailed out on time!
  6. Also on Mothers Day is my grandma’s birthday, I have been working on a special recipe album for my kids that I hope to have done and in my hands before that day!  3 of them can be kind of expensive…but if they turn out, then I sure want to make more!
  7. Fathers Day in June, have to plan something special for my husband!
  8. Birthday’s in August – mine and my sisters!  Have to plan something special for her for sure!

This doesn’t include anything that crops up, things I need to make to sell, or anything towards the last 4 months of the year!  I have a lot on my list to make to sell – a lot of other stuff to make for presents – cards to make to add gift cards to them – digital books made with recipe’s, and more!  I hope you join me and have fun in creating your own handmade paper crafts!

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