Family History Sunday

I have been working on my own personal family history the past little while, for both me and my husband!  I have really enjoyed learning more about how we both came to be!  Some stories not so good, but you understand so much more than you did before!  Other stories are simply neat to learn about my own ancestors (and his)!

To start to do your own family history, find a site you can work on – some are free, some are not!  You can also get software you can work on, so that you can always have the tree on your computer!  There are a few things to consider either way:

  • Software vs site – software is a one time charge for you, the site might have a subscription cost associated to the site for you to use their collections and services.
  • Software can be used on your own personal computer – but can’t be transferred to a phone or tablet.  Sites often times might have an app that is associated with the site to make it easier for you to use.
  • Research which software is best for you – check out this article that will help you in your journey there!  Look at the features of the software, and as long as you can save the tree you work on from your software, eventually you can move it as a “gedcom” file, to a site you choose down the line!  There are times this is a better option because of the software options vs the site options and features.
  • Research which sites might be best for you – check out this article if you want to go that route!  You have plenty of different sites to choose from, which also might have an app or two you can download that would help you to build your tree on the go!  Look at the  features of the sites, and decide which one is better for you!

As you start your tree, the further back you get – the worse the tree is harder to manage!  You have this branch and that branch…and it simply gets confusing and exhausting!  Try to do a tree for one side of the family if you need to – and a tree for the other side!  If you are married, don’t do them together, do 2 (or 4 if you have to) different trees, you will thank me later on!

Use it for history for your family – spend time looking at those that came before you, and look at what happened in your past!  I have found a lot of things I didn’t know about my own family, as well as my husbands side of the family…things I simply didn’t know before, and understand so much more because of it!  Try to spend once a week with your family, and work on your tree!

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Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


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