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I’m not sure about you guys – but wow, I can’t believe it is already April, 2018!!!  This year so far has FLOWN by for me, not sure about you guys or not, but me…wow!  Today is many things – “April Fools Day” (I hate the day), and Easter!!!  For those who celebrate, Happy Easter, I hope you spend the day as you wish – with friends and family, but document more about the reason for the season in the first place!  What all does this day mean to you?

Lets talk about the next few months for things you need to create, plan for, get done, or think about, so grab your favorite organizing utensils, and lets get started!!

  • Look at the next 6 weeks – until the middle of May?  What do you have coming up that is already on the calendar that you need to plan for or finish up?  Do you have anything else you need to add that wasn’t on the books originally?
  • What about the next 3 months – until the end of June?  What do you have going on that needs to be created, planned out, looked at, or whatever?  Check your calendar one more time for anything else you didn’t have on the books originally too!
  • Last look at the calendar for the next 6 months – until the end of September!  What do you have during this time period you need to start to look at, create for, design for, address, or plan out?

I have a bunch of stuff on my list, today – I am spending with my calendar, and planning out what needs to get done before it needs to GET done!  I have a lot on my list this month…so I best get started!

  1. Many birthdays………MANY
  2. Event to make birthday cards planned out
  3. Craft fair items made
  4. Success framed page done (to sell)
  5. Mothers Day coming up
  6. Grandma’s recipe’s album done by her birthday
  7. Fathers Day coming up
  8. My Anniversary
  9. Monthly cards for 2 special people –

I have a lot to accomplish the next few months – I have plans to get things done…especially with this much TO do!  If I stay focused, get things done earlier, then all will GET done!  I didn’t start off too good – but, doing a bit better now!  Join me – and make beautiful things for your friends and family!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme



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