Project Life and Memories in Tyme

Project Life – I found out recently that some of the box stores are not having Project Life in their stores anymore…sad, but hey – their loss is MY gain!  Project Life – Memories in Tyme style!  I love how you can purchase kits that are ready to go – saving you time for the most part, and the hassle of having to come up with ideas!  If you want to see how far you have come in life a year later, then you want to document things Project Life style!

  • You don’t need a lot of products to get started – click this link to check out the physical products you can choose from with Project Life, and start with an album with a core kit!
  • A photo, journalling, and a few key pieces from the core kits, go a long, long way!  Also being able to use what you have left over within the kits, in other projects – makes the purchase a great buy!
  • You can document your week along the way through your Facebook or Twitter (or other social media), or a planner type of thing!  That way, when you want to spend the time, you can go back through and see what all has happened that month!
  • Take your photos you want for that week, leaving a note which “photo” needs to be included in the spot in the album!!  That way you can keep the journaling up, but just have to add the photo when you get it printed out!
  • If you have a tablet or phone, you can do it all digitally, and then print it out when you can!  Click this link to shop the digital products for Project Life!
  • Using your own patterned paper and embellishments (including stamps), you can make your own Project Life embellishments to go with what you already have!   Make a few up ahead of time!

Project Life is a great way to document your year, in a format that simply, makes SENSE!  Easy to do, great for the whole family to get involved in too!  Shop the sales, nobody in our future will look at a product  and say HEY that isn’t a brand new product!  Use up those left over papers, enjoy creating, and have fun making it all!

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Memories in Tyme

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