Monthly “Get Er Done” Challenge

Hello everyone!  There is so many events and things happening the next few months – if you are looking at purchasing a special handmade item for mom, dad, wife, husband – you don’t have the time to make it yourself…get with me, I have a lot of fun creations ready to go!  Watch my Instagram feed for some of the items I have ready to go so you can personalize them before Mothers Day!

For today, grab your calendar, pen/paper, organizing app – whatever you organize yourself with, and lets get started in planning the next few months at least!

  • Look at things for the next 6 weeks, until the middle of June!  We have Mothers Day – Fathers Day – Memorial Day coming up, what else is there that you might have during this time period?
  • Next look at the next 3 months, what other things do you have coming up you need to plan for?  Patriotic Day (4th of July) – is the one main thing, but is there anything else you have personally?
  • What about the next 6 months, until end of November – so many things going on – Labor Day, beginning of school, Halloween, Thanksgiving to name a few…  Look at EVERYTHING you might have!

I hope you spend a bit of time in making each event perfect for your friends and family!  Whether it is a card, a handmade goodie, a whole event – take the time to PLAN!  Enjoy your month!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

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