Family History Sunday

Today is Family History Sunday!!!!

If you haven’t ever “built your family tree” online or on paper, you should!  Those stories, the publications, the census records, the pictures, the Newspapers, the collections that make up those people in your history…who brought you where you are right now, absolutely neat to see it all unfold!  As strange as it sounds – it’s also very healing too, when you spend a bit of time with those who have came before you that you only knew based on someone else’s words, or sometimes – not even THAT!

I have been working on my own ancestry for the past 2.5 years – never wanted to before now…..  I started getting answers where I least expected them, for both me and my husband!  How my husbands father died when he was 16, and how HIS father died when his dad was also 16 – and how my husbands children almost lost their dad around that time period when they were almost 16….(my husband was in a horrific car accident, went to work the next day to pay child support for 2 other men’s kids – WITH A BROKEN HIP).

Spend time today in finding a site you can start to use to build your tree, unless you have already, then at the least, open up THAT SITE, and get to work.  Look at the paperwork, the pictures, the “stuff” that makes up the person – and simply build your tree!  These people are the one’s who brought you to where you are right now – your grandparents, great grandparents…and beyond!  It is great to use for family history with your children – spending time in documenting the past!  In order to move forward, one MUST look back!

I love spending time with my ancestors…getting their names, where they were from, when they came over to America, where they came FROM…more about that country.  My favorite right now, is the DNA – watching how you are connected to people you really (at times) have NO idea who they even are…  Or at times, you can see your cousins – their children…you see how you are connected to people…or you have people you are connected to that you have NO idea who they even are.  People who have gotten away with a lie for years – now coming out, because of the simple technology of a “DNA” test where you find out your “ethnicity”!  People figure out down the line that you can’t control everything (wink, wink)!!!

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