Off Topic – Dear Ms. B

Dear Ms. B and all her helpers,

This is your only OFFICIAL warning to cease all activities relating to Memories in Tyme and Lynda Jeffs.  This is being turned over to the FBI Cyber Crimes division with the pictures of the said activity.   I have asked you – told you – invited you to stop, and you and yours still won’t.  The attempted uploading of porn to my site, and the tries to add a blog post and change my site – on top of everything else you have done…is enough. 

Either you A. are simply one stupid bitch – to think this is going away.  Or B. you think you are above everyone because of your “friends” in high places.  Well, 1.  I didn’t collect child support and Federal Disability money on my ex-husbands behalf, for my own husbands child…  and 2. Lie to the daughter about it and 3. watch her father actually LIVE with her, raise her – while what…collecting child support from someone else for his own kid…  TIMES TWO…….

So, since you keep doing “all of this” – and you WON’T STOP…….I am forced to do things I never wanted to.  It’s not like I get “off” on calling cops and involving people in a stalking injunction on an adult child who can’t stop because “mother of the year” taught him. You collected federal disability money on your ex’s behalf – for the two men pictured above’s children – and you call him the “sperm donor” and me a “meth head” to people?  You sat and got – and got – and got – and got – AND GOT SOME MORE – and you what – can’t keep your mouth shut for the life of you?

Our “timeline” is off – which one – the D&C in YOUR handwriting – 7/28/90 done, and then a child born AFTER A SEPARATION – and “he’s the father”.  Girl you would have shoved those DNA tests the state never got done in OUR FACES if they were his – instead you tell people “OH THEY ARE ALL HIS, THE STATE JUST WON’T GIVE THE RESULTS BECAUSE THE WIFE IS SUCH A BITCH”?  AND PEOPLE BELIEVE YOU – DAMN HOW STUPID ARE THEY REALLY LOL. ;)!  Which “timeline” exactly Ms. B is “off” according to you?  I have a ton of documentation – do you?  If you did – you wouldn’t have gone THIS FAR – because in 2006 – he would have been able to LIVE A LIFE – INSTEAD WE GOT TO BE YOUR BITCH’S….

You just keep doing what you need to – lie to those you have been…  How sad a girl has lived with her REAL FATHER – while you made another one pay the price for it…. “sperm donor” comments – oh girl, you truly have issues – then from your “Apple device” you send me emails on – more attempts…  Only – you just think I am an “idiot” as you call me – NO, WHO KEEPS TRYING TO HACK INTO A SITE AND PUT PORN ON IT BECAUSE THEY FEEL THEY CAN BE VINDICTIVE.

I told you flat out – I am NOT going away, and neither is the investigation as to your “activity” the past 12 years.  One of us will be paying the price – and you continuing to make ME pay that ole’ price, is just about enough for me girl.  It isn’t me and MY mouth you need to worry about, it’s the TRUTH.  YOU collected FEDERAL MONEY……………………………. not me.  YOU signed those checks, you asked for that money while you KNEW he isn’t the father.  And you keep bringing this fight to my BUSINESS?  Oh girl, you truly need a slander lawsuit – then twist that crap any which way you can.  Print this out for your “attorney” – I won’t be taking THIS ONE DOWN.

You can run, you can blame me for 18 years now that I am the WHOLE problem – what you can’t do, is stop the truth.  YOU did this – YOU chose to lie to your own children while blaming a REMARKABLE man and then me.  YOU deserve to be in prison for the rest of your life – and I thank GOD the Senator and the OIG seen what they needed to that day – I am so glad that finally – that 2nd side of the story, is coming out.  THAT IS WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS – THAT IS WHY THE “METH HEAD” COMMENTS- THE “SPERM DONOR” COMMENTS – AND THE “PORN”.  You are really one sick person to do this, and just not shut the hell up and collect your damned money……

Thanks a ton for stopping by again,


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