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I started a Project Life album a few years ago…didn’t ever finish it really, just bought a bunch of stuff and tried to “start the album LOL!  Well that didn’t work – I didn’t really research things they way I should have…I just “jumped into it” and figured like everything I creatively do – it would just “come together” LOL…..  Ya well, that didn’t work too well for me!!!

This time around, I have got my title page, and have wrote in my planner (usually weekly) a synopses of the week at hand, organized my supplies a bit better, and basically got STARTED on my first set of pages.  When I have more time to get the weekly items added, then I can spend time with my planner and my Project Life, and create a few layouts!  What I really like about this style of scrapbook albums, is you can document everything…the good, the bad, the ugly – so you truly can see just HOW far you have came in life.  This time, it’s just a matter of scheduling time in my monthly calendar to put it all together!

I think the best part I like about Project Life – you can add the app and do it all on your phone or tablet!!!  How truly easy is that, to simply grab the photo you want to use, add the journaling and embellishment…and you are done!  Keep adding pictures and journaling – soon your baby is a year – and two – and three…and then 18 and they are raised!  How awesome for that child to have books made of their entire life…because we all know those “little details” in life go away in your brain – and you don’t remember things quite as sharp as you did when you were younger!

I can’t wait to share with you what I have done so far – working this week on the fun things that has happened this year so far!  A lot more too, I can’t wait to get it all documented this year JUST how far we have came in life!

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