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Digital scrapbook layouts vs paper scrapbook layouts – which one is best?  It’s not “which one is best” – it’s which one is BEST FOR YOU?  I do BOTH types of layouts as well as mini albums and larger scrapbook albums too!  It all depends on the project at hand!  Some of my pictures deserve to be in more than one “place”, others are great just to caption the day or something special!  That is where my “Project Life” album comes into play!

If you have never act

ually done anything “digital” – then I would challenge you to do something!

  • You will need software to get started – I really LOVE MyMemories software, you can purchase right online and have it downloaded in no time!  If you are running a laptop or desktop computer and you have a newer computer, you shouldn’t have an issue with this software at all!
  • You can purchase page kits if you want, or to save money – watch for FREE items you can download, to make your shopping a bit more helpful!  Look for things you can use various ways, not just “one” way!  I love to mix things up – pull this embellishment, that paper…and not be conformed to the page kit directly!
  • Watch for your favorite designers to put their designs on sale sometimes!  And if you do purchase a kit just make sure you are going to actually use it!

With digital layouts, it is so much easier to grab a picture and quickly remove the paper selection you have made, into another selection.  You can change your words for your journaling SO MUCH EASIER than you can when you actually hand write something on your paper layouts!  I don’t have to wait for my pictures to be developed when I work on a layout digitally – I can do a layout about the event, the feelings I had – right when it happened making it easier on me in the long run!!

I hope you find digital scrapbooking as much fun as I do!  Right now I am working on a PERFECT project, which will be printed as a book on Shutterfly!   The finished project can be PERFECT – and changed – and then changed again…but at the end, it will be done PERFECTLY!

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