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You know when you find someone – someone who just touches your life in ways NOBODY else can.  That person you KNOW you were meant to be with at the time…and NOTHING could change it at all, that is Del and I!  I wouldn’t trade this man for anything in the WORLD…..even in spite of all the crapall the drama queensall the issues, I still wouldn’t trade this one for anything!

Taken out of work – told to “quit work or DIE”….  I will never forget the look on his face when the doctor told us – so, quit work he did.  There was a lot going on at the time, and looking back – I can see more than I care to about this one set of “events”.  Looking back, I am glad I found him – or LOL, glad my son found him!  Del is a proud man, a REMARKABLE MAN…  He is a strong man, both physically and emotionally!  The MOST HATED MAN around as far as people who isn’t around him, but for me…I just don’t see what “others” do!  I see so many remarkable things about this man, while everyone else – just listens to a set of people with a vendetta instead of HIM.

South Lake Tahoe, CA 2015

I have spent 18 years now, living and helping this man…  He was just there for “temporary” reasons, and never left.  He helped me to heal he helped me to be a better mom and LOVE MY KIDS THAT MUCH.  He taught me to just keep on moving on – even when you wanted to give up.  He taught me to be true to who I am, and not stray to that in which “others” say.  He taught me there are 3 things that won’t be hidden for long – the sun, the moon and the truth!  Working on his family tree, Del lost his dad when he was 16 and his dad lost HIS dad when HE was 16.  That goes back to Del almost loosing his life…… his kids would have been right around that age as well.  When you truly look BACK on things – sometimes that changes your whole outlook on the subject!  In order to move forward, one must look back!

Challenges for the week:

Today – I want you to sit back…do a layout, project, SOMETHING – about someone in YOUR life that has touched it in ways you never imagined when they walked IN your life.  Husband – brother – sister – mother – father – best friend – church people – stranger – WHO?????

Or – do a layout about your significant other… a page you can frame maybe, a mini project – SOMETHING to showcase simply why you are together!  Why your marriage has changed you (good, bad – both even) in ways you never thought!  

Or do a layout/project why you never married if you didn’t – or why your marriage didn’t last even!  (I don’t have any room to talk in the marriage department – failed twice before this one!)

Or, work on your own personal family history!!!  Do something to learn about those people who came before you, those you “don’t know”!  You might find things out you have been told your whole life – or a whole other set of “things” when you run your DNA!!!

Life is all about the ride – the good, the bad, the UGLY.  I am glad I got to go along the ride with this man the past 18 years, I needed him a lot at the time…but that is another “All About Me Sunday” story for another day soon!  I am so glad I have had this craft to help me along the way, and I hope you work on you this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

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