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Hello everyone!!!  So, I have for the past 2.5 years, been working on my family history…well, mine and my husbands anyway!  If I want to work on the nutcase polygamists, I work on MY tree…and if I want to work on the normal people, I work on my husbands tree!  I have learned stories from both sides of the family that are just amazing, and really brings me back to understanding more where I came from, not just “exist” in life anymore.

One of the words I would use to describe my ancestors, STRONG.  Del’s would be a cross between watching generation upon generation of men who didn’t know their children……and love – I know, oxymoron for sure there!!!  I have learned my husband’s father died when HE was 16, and his dad’s dad died when his dad was 16.  My husbands kids were teens when he almost lost his life in a horrific car accident…one he went to work the next day with a broken hip from, JUST to pay child support for 2 other men’s kids.

The photo right up above here to the right, that is my family, and the last time I seen my niece Stephanie, who passed away in her sleep after this photo about a year and a half later.  I will never be the same again honestly – she taught me so much…and helped me more than I could ever say.  Family is family no matter what…  The picture above at the top, is Del’s family…  His stepdad died suddenly about a year and a half ago, another one of those things life teaches you that you simply don’t want to learn…how life goes ON.

Spend some time doing your family history – find a site that YOU like that will help you along the way.  These “names” brought you where you are at right now…whether it is a good story, not so good story, awesome story – IT IS YOUR STORY.  One thing I have learned – if you don’t know the “person” who gave birth to you, at least search their names…their ancestors names.  What kinds of things can you find out about them!  I know for me, I have learned a lot about those who came before me, and don’t want to disappoint them for sure!

  • Find a site you want to work on
  • Start your family history
  • Decide how much detail you want to add (siblings – aunts – uncles – cousins)
  • See if you can find pictures or stories to go with the names you have found
  • Start with YOU – go back from there

Enjoy your day – thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

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