Fathers Day Gift Idea’s – Memories in Tyme Style

Fathers Day is coming up in a week…wow, I can’t believe we are halfway through 2018 already!!!  Without a mother AND a father – you don’t have a child if you understand my meaning!  We women know those kids are ours, we have them inside OUR bodies…but what does a man have that the child WE CARRY, is HIS CHILD?  Nothing other than OUR WORD.  Now that THAT rant is over, lets have some fun!

Whether you get along with your father – or not…here simply, are a few idea’s for you to think about this Fathers Day!

  • A simple PHONE CALL – EMAIL – reach out SOME HOW…  If you truly WANT a relationship, and you don’t have one – REACH OUT.  I am sure he would be just as happy to get it, as you would to send it!
  • Make a card – take the time to find the perfect things to decorate the card with and MAKE a card instead of purchasing one!
  • Spend some TIME with dad – if you are an ADULT – then have an ADULT relationship, go to lunch, or dinner sometime…but do SOMETHING with him!
  • If your father is divorced from your mother, keep it separate…  Have a relationship – an ADULT RELATIONSHIP with both parties, without dealing with the other party!  If you spend time with DAD – then you should try to do the same thing for mom as well!  If dad is remarried and you can’t stand HER – then ask dad NICELY to go with just you.  They did have a life before the current spouse, and they have a life outside your mom too.
  • If you don’t know what dad DOES like – make a coupon book.  Good for one meal cooked by me, good for a truck/car detailing, good for one day spent with me – things that dad would LOVE!
  • Make a mini album where you can add your favorite photos and thoughts of dad…something he can hang on to!
  • Make a framed page of your favorite photo of you and dad…that way, he can hang it up on HIS space and know what is in your heart!

If your dad is gone, I have no words for you…mine is as well!  Spend the time with your husband, and make sure you think of your dad!  My husband is a gift from HIS dad…I am more sure of that fact today – than I was 18 years ago!  I lost my own dad in 2003, and Del has been an AMAZING father figure to my oldest son, now considered “ours” because we have had him longer than I have had him on my own, so he’s half Del’s LOL!  Do something for Fathers Day this year!  Enjoy your Fathers Day this year – and like everything – it’s CHALLENGE TIME:

Simply make a phone call to your father this year!

If you can’t make a phone call – do a framed page with your favorite picture of your dad!

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