Precious Moments Fathers Day Review –

I love Precious Moments figurines – to simply showcase an amazing time in someone’s life, Fathers Day is NO different than any “other” event!!!  Figurines like these – are special to put out around your house, to remember when you received it, or the event itself!  Not only that, but the pictures you take OF the event are special enough, but they are in a scrapbook or on the wall somewhere, they are not showcased other than in an album, Precious Moments – aren’t!!!

If you haven’t shopped at Precious Moments – for your next fun event, take a look at figurines and things you can get here!   They are QUALITY figurines – and this Fathers Day I wanted it to be more than just a game and a movie, though that is always fun…I wanted something we can see, and him know how much he is loved and appreciated as a father!  I have been with Del longer than I had Ryan on my own, so by now….since Ryan doesn’t have anything to do with his biological father, he has done what he could for THIS FATHER!

Precious Moments figurines – are simply well made, beautiful to receive and to give – finding the PERFECT thing to give to someone, or to find for yourself!  They are well made, and simply ADORABLE for anyone…even my husband simply loves them!  Click the link below to check out what other fun themes they have – showcase just about any kind of event you want!  I am sharing some of them with my husband, so on my birthday this year, he can pick out the perfect one!  **This is a review about a product I was given.  This is my honest opinion about Precious Moments figurines!**

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