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I have been spending some time the past few months doing a LOT of reflecting on my life…in fact changes are being made as we speak that is helping to bring me THAT MUCH CLOSER to where I need to be and want to be in my life.  I let a “situation” I didn’t cause – control my life in ways I never thought possible.  I am now looking at my hopes, my goals, my dreams – my entire life – in order to move forward like the quote says!  Some things, just didn’t make the cut…other things changed a bit…and even more goals than I had before!  The only thing that changes a hope – is writing it down, it then becomes a goal!

One thing that didn’t make the cut is my “job”…..when you live it and work it………………you walk away from one of them…. I am sad and glad all at the same time, and even 1.5 months later, simply a better human being because of it!  As for a “situation” – well, you trust enough in God to let Him handle this one, because there isn’t anything YOU can do personally…  You learn that people have minds of their own, and when they listen to “people” who are not even around you – acting “as if” they “know” you – well, one day LOL you get a grip and you move on and beyond while the rest are sitting there in the hatred and anger from a one sided situation!

Back to my last job – I learned a lot there…worked on my family history, learned MUCH about my family, and my husbands family that he never was around.  Funny how “working on your family tree” finds you information you never knew – and how you see 4 generations of men not being around their children……from my husbands sons, to my husband, to his father, and then HIS father – 4 generations of men NOT having a relationship with that in which they made…  HOW PATHETIC on the MOTHERS who do this to them.  I also worked with the DNA end of things – LOL but talk about women are liars……  I have never seen so many people find out THEY ARE NOT WHO THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE – a set of 58 year old twins wanted to be “matched” to their dad…..and they weren’t.  How sad frankly we have MOTHERS OF THE YEAR who do things like this to innocent children and get away with it….  REFLECTIONS – SOME OF THOSE REFLECTIONS I DON’T LIKE….

Just like the pier – each step (decision) I make, brings me that much closer to the end!  My journey here has been interesting to say the least, one I am glad I got to make!  I wouldn’t wish what I have seen, endured and been through on ANYONE – and listening to the phone calls for 2.5 years of people finding out their “dad” isn’t their “dad” – oh he  “raised them” – but he didn’t MAKE THEM……and unless you have seen it first hand, you truly don’t know what it does to people.  I am now HAPPY to shut that door on my life, LOL but I never caused it – just married in to and worked at.

So, for the weekend, your challenges are:

  • Reflect on your life…spend some time with a journal, or computer, or SOMETHING – and REFLECT.  What is working, what isn’t – what do you need to do….and WRITE IT DOWN.
  • Based on those reflections – make a goal!
  • Decide how you are going to document the “whole thing”!  Project Life – Scrapbook Stories – a journal/planner???
  • Take a picture (or series of) you haven’t done anything with yet – reflect on it, and scrapbook the picture and your reflections!
  • Work on your family history, learn something about the side you know NOTHING about!

Wow, my journey the past few years, has taken me to places I simply never knew were there!  I am not the same person I was even 5 years ago, things have made me “hard” or whatever!  Yet my creativity…still there!!!  I can’t wait to get through the next little while, as I finish everything else up!   Thank you for coming along with me during my journey!

And thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

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