Christmas in July –

This month, we bring you – Christmas in July!!!!  You are going to get a bunch of EVERYTHING here – cards you can purchase or recreate, gifts you can again, purchase or recreate!  I will show you my favorite supplies and places to purchase from, and plenty of other surprises along with it!  I hope you will join me all month long – Christmas will be here before we all know it!  So today…..lets get started in planning for whatever holiday you celebrate, shall we! 

Find the perfect thing you can use to plan out everything you need to get done!  I am going to use a notebook (of course) much like this one to keep everything in one place!  I want to have a place for each of the people who are getting something this year – a place for cards I need to send out – things I want to bake FOR SURE – simply something to put everything I need to remember in one notebook, and not all over the place like I normally do!  My planner is nice for day to day things, but when it comes to the whole “event” – more room is needed to plan everything out in the first place if you understand my meaning!

Today’s challenge (or two) –

  • Decide how you are going to plan things out on your end of things!  A notebook like this – an app on your phone, OneNote – what makes it easier for you to plan everything out to make this years events PERFECT?
  • Start to make a list as to what needs to get done – I know for me this year – I am baking and making candy!  Get a list going for cards, things you know you need to get done for the holiday!
  • Get a list going for people who are getting a gift in the first place, start to look at ways you can present the gift in the first place!  Get either pictures saved somehow – or my personal favorite is use Pinterest for the ideas you need to save!

I am so excited to bring you this month…you will get a TON of different things to plan to do – or to purchase if you want instead!  Some people don’t have a desire to make a THING, well, that is where I come in to play!  You get the same love and attention with anything I make for my friends or family, or to purchase – so get with me early this season to get the process started!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

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