Monthly Get Er’ Done Challenge

It is the first of July already – can you people BELIEVE IT!  Time is just flying by – if you catch my drift here!  You can’t get back the time you have spent in anger, or with the bullshit instead of the family, or not getting that second side of the story – because one day, the “story” walks away.  So batten down those hatches this month people, you are in for one AMAZING ride with Memories in Tyme, so lets get started!

This post – is all about planning things out, so grab your planners, or your calendars along with your paper & pens, or your smart phone app – or whatever you use…..and lets get to planning!  Personally, I use my planner – different colored pens with highlighter’s to go along with it and that is it!  I also use OneNote (which I totally LOVE)…and that organizes even more stuff…but my planner, well – it keeps track of what needs to get done, what GETS done, what gets paid, what I want to keep track of – to then send to my Project Life album I am doing!

For me – this month is a light month of things to do, next month – well….my month from hell we shall say!  Too much going on, and not enough time in the month, so if I want to get things done, I best get things started now!!!!

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks…what is in this list you need to get started on, planned, working on – whatever?
  • Look at the next 3 months, until the end of September.  What other events or “things” do you have that you need to plan for – or get started on?  Add these to your list!
  • Next look at the next 6 months, until the end of the year…(CAN YOU BELIEVE IT).  October – November – and December…the busiest months for a lot of us!

I love having my planner – I utilized one I was given last year – and just HAD to purchase my own…(pictures soon)!  This one a bit bigger, with plenty of room to write things down on the pages!  The last one, I didn’t “decorate” as people do, this year – more bullet’s and prettiness!!!!  My list……… I think, I simply better plan and get started!!!!

  1. My birthday in August
  2. 2 other birthday’s in August
  3. A birthday in September
  4. 2 birthdays in October
  5. Halloween as well
  6. My niece’s birthday who has passed on, in November
  7. Thanksgiving
  8. 3 birthday’s in December
  9. Christmas in December
  10. New Years Eve end of December – going out this year with a BANG

I have a lot to accomplish the next few months – and by the end of the year I truly see I best get started, what about you?  I need to find the perfect papers for the end of the year projects…I need to find the perfect things to make for the birthday’s I have…..I am behind in so many OTHER things LOL, but with my new planner, and simply getting one thing after another done – it will all be finished in NO time!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


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