Christmas in July – Must Have’s

We are doing Christmas in July this month, today is all about one of my “must have’s” product wise!!!!  My main must have is – PAPER…………………. I love it ALL!!!!  I love plain paper, heavy cardstock, coordinating papers/cardstock, individual papers/cardstock you can put together – I love PAPER!!!!  Some things you can do with paper:

  • Take 5 sheets of paper – cut to 6 x 6 – you have a 20 page mini album made out of paper only!
  • Take a 6 x 12 sheet, fold in half, that is your front and back cover.  Use 2 sheets of 8.5 x 11 sheet’s of paper trimming 3″ off the side, fold in half for the inside sheets.
  • Framed pages – either with photos, or find papers that are simply BEAUTIFUL and frame them for your space!  Who needs to know it is SCRAPBOOK PAPER!!!
  • I use all the scraps for other projects – larger pieces can go on my card bases, or cardstock/heavier paper I can use for my bookmarks or tag bases…
  • When I create my projects, I use paper (of course) to coordinate with the rest of the project to make my own “embellishment”.  I might use it for die cut shapes, stamped images, tags, whatever needed to coordinate with the project itself.
  • Also awesome to use scraps of paper for paper piecing patterns!  I love to pull papers that are not from the same manufacture, they just coordinate well together and create the pattern from there!  It really makes that piece “one of a kind”!

Paper is the start of it all – but do NOT buy each and every piece of paper known to mankind – I ASSURE YOU you will be glad you didn’t!  I am looking at all the paper I have, and I am telling you right now, I don’t even know if I will use HALF of it…or I WILL use it – I just need to purchase more papers to go along with what I already have LOL, so it’s a never ending process that – as long as you have paper – you will be happy!  Don’t get stuck on the same manufacturer – expand your horizons a bit!

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Lynda Jeffs

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