Reflections on YOU

Can you guys believe we are halfway through the year – and really almost halfway through the summer…the older we get, the faster time slips by!  I have been reflecting a lot on my life…what works for me – and quite simply, what doesn’t…  Goals that slipped by me, now, in my face wanting to bring them to light!  I have worked hard on my life….AND on Memories in Tyme, and it shows!  I try not to bring “drama” to a web site that is crafty – but you should see behind the scenes at what “people” from the past are capable of doing…..sad frankly!  However, I have a goal this month, and by hell, I am going to accomplish it – ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

Today, spend some time on YOU.  What is perfect in your life and what is NOT?  What needs to go – what needs to stay…  Do it TODAY….  right now – the day you read this….start YOUR new life and join me while you are at it!  Today’s reflections are bringing me to those thoughts and feelings that simply do not fit in my future at ALL.  They need to go…..  Life moves in a forward motion, and right now…..I am coming FULL CIRCLE in so many things!  You learn a lot when you go it alone!  Honestly – I am glad people underestimate me, listen to others instead of talk TO ME about things…I am who I am, a strong woman – who doesn’t take a lot of crap from people…who has enough BALLS on her own to start a business with NO MONEY…..  I am not confidant at all…I doubt myself at each and every turn…but I have also helped an amazing man to combat an ex-wife from HELL and PATERNITY FRAUD while battling my own demons in life.

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Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


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