Life, the Past, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Life……….it has thrown me a lot of curve balls, but it is something I refuse to let bring me down…..not personally – and certainly not with my business!  It’s really funny (ha ha) to me, that people in my past, simply have not learned that about me yet, they underestimate me and who I truly am.  They simply think I will keep being their little scapegoat….funny how they simply don’t know me at all!

I have lived this “life” and around these “people” for 18 years now, one would think one would get a grip after all this time – I mean they tell ME to get that grip…..great, I have………………now lets discuss that rationally, shall we!  I work full time – have a small business as well…Life for me isn’t what it was when I was around the “drama queens” and the “lies:”… for me now is full of fun, friendships, and human beings in my life!

I had a bunch of plans this month for “Christmas in July” – however, due to a few “issues” this month – it will keep going in to the month of August as well!  When you are faced with life or death, your life changes.  I won’t let the drama and drama queen of the past, control a DAY of my future longer!  I look at what is going on behind the scenes – porn being uploaded (or trying to) people thinking they can hack into a site when it’s not theirs in the first place……people not being “adults” – but sure can blame me…  This is one of those things you simply just STOP for your health.

So, we will be back to the “Christmas in July” and in through the rest of August!  I had a medical issue that almost caused my death….though others would celebrate that fact (especially the past) – honestly…..the past means nothing at this point in time!  Life moves on – you can either learn from it, or you can blame others.  You can stand up and tell the truth, or you can blame others.  3 things you can’t hide – the sun………….the moon………..the truth.  I will leave you with that!

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Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


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