5 Months To Christmas – (a bit late)

The post is a bit late this month…sorry for not being consistent, life throws you some funky curve balls at times you least expect them, this month was NO different LOL!  Christmas is in less than 5 months away, last month – we got started on making an altered notebook or something for you to keep track of what all you need to plan out (such as for parties), or things you might need to make, cards you are going to send out, people who are getting presents…..a place to put it all so you can plan a bit easier!!!!  So, lets get started with some challenges:

  • Start to look at your card list – are you going to make them, or purchase?  How many do you need?  Start to look at places to get inspiration, or start to sketch things out you can recreate easily!
  • Start to get a list of things you need to purchase – especially if you are making cards and things!  Get that list going so you can purchase things as you can!
  • Start to get your list going of who is getting SOMETHING from you!   Are you purchasing, or are you making…  If you are making, get it thought out and sketched…if you are purchasing, start to look for sales!
  • What is your BUDGET for the season this year?  Can you find things on sale now that won’t spoil such as flour, sugar, butter flavored Crisco (for cookies) chocolate chips, things like that?  Budget and plan!

Take the time to get things started!  I know for me right now, I am planning things out to bake, to make and to buy!  I hope you join me the next few months!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


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