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August – my birthday month…born 5 years after my older sister….  My mom had 2 families you might say!  Also the month my father passed away right after mine – buried right before Ally’s birthday…so normally not a “good” month for me memory wise.  Also the anniversary when my ex-husband committed suicide…and after my health scare this month, which in part is because of his abuse…one decides to do things a totally different “way” than you did before!  I hope you join me this month in doing things a bit different! 

So, grab your favorite “items” to organize yourself with – and lets take a look at your calendar, shall we!  I love my new planner, let me tell you…Ms. Heidi Swapp got me started on one last year – and this year, had a ball picking out a new one!  With this planner – it is bigger than my other one – where I can keep track of bills, things that need to get done, birthdays, anniversaries, business related, etc… etc… etc!!!  Find your perfect “thing” and lets get started in planning the rest of the year and beyond out!!

  • Start to look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks…until the middle of September!  What kind of “things” do you have that you want or need to get done or plan for?
  • Next up look at your calendar for the next 3 months, until the end of October!  What type of events and things do you have that you need to get planned out for?  Make sure you look at everything – from birthday’s to holiday’s!!!!  (I have a lot to do)!
  • Last up, look at the next 6 months – until end of January, 2019!  That gets you to next year – plans to make for what you want your life to be.  I know for us – we are making moves and plans to get things done in our lives!!!!

I have learned the past month my health needs to be a priority in my life, so as I am planning things in MY life – I am planning on eating better, working out, going to the doctor more often and taking my medicine!  The “stress level” of a story I never caused – just married in to….is done because of it!  MY list of things that need to get worked on and started on:

  1. My sister and granddaughters’ birthday is in August
  2. Another birthday in September
  3. Two more birthday’s in October
  4. Halloween
  5. Thanksgiving
  6. My niece that passed away – her birthday would be in November
  7. Two more birthday’s in December (my son and daughter)
  8. Another December birthday for my sister
  9. Birthday cards for my church family made (100 to last until end of year)
  10. Christmas
  11. New Years
  12. Another birthday in January
  13. The anniversary of my niece that passed away (see #6)

Since we know I love to procrastinate…..I am getting things done NOW – that way, I don’t have to stress out about getting something done – I just go down my list and cross it off when it is done!  I love my planner, it is really helping me get more organized for my life, both personally and business wise!  I have goals – for the first time in a long time – goals to get more done – goals to get what is NOT worth it – out of my life!

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Lynda Jeffs

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