4 Months To Christmas

Christmas is in 4 months from yesterday – can you believe it!  I had a medical issue in July – right about the time I was planning my whole “Christmas in July” thing LOL!  So for the next little while, we will be covering Christmas topics, how to order Christmas cards and tags from me – or special items for you to order and customize!  4 months is not a lot of time, so grab your notebook – planner – or whatever you are going to use, and lets get started planning, shall we!  If you happened to have missed last months post – check it out here!

  • Keep looking at your card list – who is getting a card, are you making or buying them?  Do you need to get idea’s as far as what you want to do?  This year, I am not spending money for the cards I send out, they will be made with what I have here at home instead!  I can’t wait to see what I end up with!
  • Have a list going of things you need to purchase – ESPECIALLY if you are making things like cards and gifts!  This way, you can get things done sooner, rather than later – and when you have extra money to get it done!  Plus if you watch for sales NOW – you can enjoy the month OF Christmas!
  • Take a look at your list of who is getting “something” – whether it be a gift card, something you have made, whatever – make sure you get this list looked at often!  My list has changed over the course of a month – which isn’t really MY fault really, and I will leave it at that!
  • Really look at your budget now – what is on sale that you can put away?  Can you make cookie dough and freeze it – buy ingredients to make fudge or candy?  Do you have extra money to grab a gift card or two?  Do you have specific people that are getting specific things – start to look at the whole picture!
  • Next – start to look at HOW you want to present you gifts to people!

I am excited for this Christmas – and planning more than I have in years past!  It’s all about the baking – and the little details in the presents that are given this year!  THIS year, it is about those that I love that are in my life, nothing more – nothing less!  Learning to let go and let Father take care of things, and take care of things He is!  This season, it is all about Jesus – the TRUE meaning of Christmas – not the gifts…

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Lynda Jeffs

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