Precious Moments Christmas Review

I have fallen in love with Precious Moments even more than I did before – all because of THIS PIECE I am about to review here!   Because of THIS set, I am now planning special pieces not only to go with this for my Christmas decorations, but also for the rest of my home during the rest of the year!  There might even be a few other special pieces for some special people I love along the way!





Countdown to Christmas –  This piece is absolutely the CUTEST piece to add to your Christmas decorations this year!  From the knock on the door – let me tell you how much I look forward to those boxes coming!  I absolutely LOVE the detail in the Precious Moments pieces…this one is NO DIFFERENT!   I’m not sure which one out of my husband and I that loved it the most – we were both like little kids setting this piece up and digging in the box!





The unpacking of the box was fun, looking at each piece’s details and charm!  The little hay pieces, baby Jesus, the Wise Men, the animals – each piece goes in it’s own little day – so by Christmas day, you will have a completed scene!  If you have small children – this will require adult supervision for sure!  If you are a lover of Precious Moments – this is a must have piece.  If you don’t have a manger scene for your decorations – THIS IS A MUST HAVE PIECE!

This piece gets a 10 star rating, not only for the smallest of details, but for the whole entire piece!  If your house has gotten away from the “reason” for the season in the first place, then this piece will help you TO get back to that reason!  **Disclosure – this is a review about a product I was given FOR the review!  It is MY HONEST OPINION about this product!  I was not persuaded at all when it comes to this product and the review!

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