Spending Time on Family History

Sunday’s when I was a little girl, was spent as a family eating roast beef and potatoes, or sometimes going down south to see my grandparents in Santaquin, Utah!  My mom is the 2nd of 4 children, 3 girls and 1 boy!    My grandparents (shown here) were just the MOST amazing people ever!  Just like all our grandparents are, I am sure!

As I started working on my own personal family history, all those stories I was told as a child, came to life!  Even some that I didn’t know, or really didn’t WANT to know LOL!  Not anything bad – one of my grandparents – not sure side, grandma’s or grandpa’s side…was coming over from Sweden.  The mom died on the boat coming over – the dad died outside of Nauvoo Illinois when they were crossing the plains with the rest of the LDS saints,and here my 25 year old now grandfather – crossed the plains with his 13 and 15 year old sister.  If it wasn’t for these long line of strong people, I have no clue where I would be!

Doing my husbands family history – we found out his dad died when my husband was 16, and HIS dad died when HE was 16…..  My husbands children almost lost him when they were teens…and a few time since then!  We don’t know his dad’s side, it’s almost like a part of him is missing – you don’t know who you are in a sense… or anything about that other half you came from!  You hear what kind of a person he was from one set, but how do you know if they are true?

I am glad I can work on my family history – and my husbands even…give him something neat for his birthday that will show him more who he is and who he came from!  I love looking at pictures others post on the ancestry site I work on, as well as the stories of the people we simply don’t know!  I challenge you to work on your own family history this next week!

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