Get Er’ Done – September

LOL like everything I do, I am late!  The way I am, I will be late to my own funeral, let me tell you!  Might have to put something in my will if you know what I mean….must be late to her own funeral (wink, wink)!  There is a LOT going on in my life right now, so my planner is a MUST have for my family to stay organized…but that’s just me!  It’s not helping me in SOME WAYS, but it is in other ways!  Grab your favorite items to organize your life with, and lets get started, shall we!

As you do look at your calendar, make sure you look at everything….the day to day things that need to get done, add the bills you need to pay, doctor’s appointments, things you need to make, things you need to accomplish for your work or business, holiday’s, things you need to get started planning out – and anything else you want to add!

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks, until the middle of October!  What kind of events do you have that you need to plan for, go to, buy for or whatever?
  • Next up look at the next 3 months – this brings you to the end of November!  If you are like me, there are a TON of events coming up during this time period to plan for!
  • Last look at the next 6 months – until the end of February!  What OTHER events do you need to plan for, buy for, create for etc?

One thing I am learning, is technology is pretty awesome!  I can utilize my computer, tablet and our phone to organize my life, my bills, my future!  I am getting out of my own way LOL. and getting accomplished what I need to!

As I look at the next 6 months, I have a lot to accomplish!  Not just business wise, but health wise, personal wise, and goal wise!  For the first time in a long time, I am really excited to get through the next few days, let alone the next few months…so plan I will!

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Lynda Jeffs

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