3 Months Until Christmas

This month – has just flown by, let me tell you!  So many events have happened, and of course I don’t document things here …safer that way (wink, wink)!  We are less than 3 months until Christmas, if you are planning on making things, now is the time to look at “everything” that is on your list this year, and get to planning at the least!  It doesn’t mean your list can’t (or won’t) change, mine has already!!!  This year – well, things ARE a bit more special, and those who have taken the time, understand that, and know that forgiveness goes a LONG WAY, and so does two sides to a story!  If you missed out on last months post, you can check it out here!!!!  Lets get started in planning, shall we:

  • Take a look at your card list, who is getting a card in the first place?  Next who is getting a handmade card, if so – start to plan the designs you are going to make!  If you don’t make them, decide how many you need to purchase to send out or give out.
  • Have a continued list going for things you need to purchase – gifts, things you need to make craft wise, and things you need to bake as well!  As you have a bit of extra money – get SOMETHING towards your list!  What can you make or cross off the list you have made? 
  • Keep looking at your list of who is getting what.  Over the course of a month, mine changed drastically!  I love grabbing gift cards that I can use in different ways should I “need to”!  I also love to continue my list knowing full well I won’t get a thing back…and I don’t expect to either!
  • Make sure you look at your budget ESPECIALLY!   If it means you need to plan a bit differently, then do so – just make sure each of the details you want this season, comes out with the planning!  This year, I want the birthday’s to be celebrated more than “Christmas” is…and it will show with the gifts we are planning!
  • Look at how you want to present each of your presents….do you want something “unique” – start to plan these details out as well!  Customize each present to the person receiving it – check out Pinterest for fun ideas you can recreate!!!

This year – I am concentrating on my 2 men I live with, my 2 other kids, my mom, and my siblings!  This year could be my last – I want those in my life to remember how much I love them…should I not wake up one day!  So, this year – a bit more planning…..a bit more spreading of the love…..a bit more making sure my men will be okay without me “in case”!  This year – it’s all about what is here inside this house – the love shown by those showing it – and very little about anyone/anything else!

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Lynda Jeffs

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