Get ‘Er Done Challenge

It is that time of the month – to get your calendar out, your notebook out, and plan the events you have coming up in your life!!!  I have found it is really nice to look over my planner for the next few months – and at least “look” at things I have coming up!  I can then plan things out a bit more, in order for the events – to be “more special” than in years past!  Lately, my life is going in one direction, and then LOL a whole different direction!!!!  I have also learned what people are capable of saying and doing….and at times, that is NOT in a good way!  That is why some of the planning this time around is so “bittersweet”, and I will leave it at that!

So, lets get started in planning – shall we:

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks, until the middle of November really.  What types of events do you have during this time period you need to plan for, or at the least create for?
  • Next look at your calendar for the next 3 months, until the end of December!  What other events do you have that you need to plan for additionally?
  • Last look at the next 6 months or until the end of March – what events do you have during this time period you need to start to plan for?

My list is varied at the moment, it depends on how the day starts lately!  I have learned truly what is important – and what isn’t in the past few months…some lessons, not so easy to learn!  The birthday’s in my life will be showcased more than holiday’s will…   I have a lot to get done the next few months for birthday’s especially, and then for holiday’s coming up as well!!  I hope you join me in getting things done!!!!

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Lynda Jeffs

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