Learning To Live

There has been a LOT going on the past few months, my lack of blog posts totally show it.  If I posted half of what I wanted to, ya’ll would freak at what all is in my brain right now!  Instead, when I get like “this” – I get quiet, and that is best for EVERYONE for sure!  I haven’t created for a while either – instead, dealing with drama queens, their family members and a brain issue LOL!

Back in July – I had a seizure, my husband literally saved my life.  In September, I had 2 more back to back, again, my husband saved my life…..and was diagnosed with Sleeping Epilepsy.  It is not an easy diagnosis – a fun one….nor is it going to get any better.  Quite frankly, it can kill me without notice…so change my life I must!

I now look at what is important, and what is NOT.  I look at who needs attention and who most certainly does NOT.  I have learned what I am capable of doing – I love more – and I have stopped reaching out to people.  Either they can get a grip – and frankly I don’t care WHO you are, or you can stay away…that is THEIR choice – and not mine!  I have learned that life moves on – and can stop on a dime too.

So now – I am planning the next 2 months of blog posts – full of nothing BUT ideas you can purchase or recreate!  I am working on classes – one of a kind classes that you won’t find anywhere!  And I am working on projects so – when I go, my family will truly know how much they are loved and appreciated!

I know my life changed in July – and now…..I won’t let the past stand in my way a DAY LONGER!  I did a 21 day challenge in September – new environment – putting a stop to the past and the lies…MY life is good!  I thank you all for sticking with me during this time………and watch for fun posts you can purchase OR recreate on your end of things!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories In Tyme

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