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I can’t wait for Christmas this year – for many reasons!!!!  A recent diagnosis has made it so I am going to “enjoy life” – because for me, it might end in nothing flat!  One of those things this year – is my Christmas decorations, my tree, and simply making THIS season, one of the best for my family!  If you check out THIS POST – you will see a review I did for an amazing piece from Precious Moments (pictured above)!  I’m not going to “re-review” it again, but I am going to talk about how excited I am to set this piece up!!!!  We are trying to find the perfect place to put it in our place – but we also have a little kitten since loosing our mom cat – and this year, well Christmas will be a bit interesting with the tree and decorations to say the least!  Yes, I will make sure to post something about our journey with the tree and Felix!

From the moment I saw this piece – I knew I had to have it for my Christmas decorations!  Each piece comes in it’s own day, so by the time you are done, you will have the entire thing set up with baby Jesus ending it all on Christmas Eve!  It is a piece you could picture all the kids grabbing the piece for each day – hoping you won’t wake up to the whole thing set up before hand one morning!  You can just feel the anticipation of the next piece…even right now, I am excited for next month!!!!

This year – I really hope to do things different – to have things BE DIFFERENT in my life!  Go check out Precious Moments web site – especially this fun piece!  I know I am not the only one who fell in love with it for sure!  I have a few special pieces I plan on purchasing for my family, those who have helped me through thick and thin!  With Precious Moments figurines – it is something you can have out for the season, or all year long depending on what you have!  Take a look at what they have – Christmas is coming up!

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Memories in Tyme

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