Memories in Tyme Challenge

I started Memories in Tyme a long time ago, but because of “issues” – I simply didn’t have enough guts to keep things going in a consistent manor.  Between that – and a thing called an “ex-wife” from hell, and her drama that has spilled over into my life….you get me now.

This story the past 18 years – has created me.  We wouldn’t be going through all of what we have the past 12 years if not for the ex-wife and her husband not telling the truth.  They then used people they knew of “influence” who could simply stop anything we asked to happen.  One day – after a talk with a friend, a decision was made – and the “situation” was turned in to someone of “influence” who is able to do something about what had happened.

The saddest part about the story – I just married in to it – and discovered it, nothing else.  After my husband was disabled, the Federal Government stepped in and paid her for her own husband’s kid – we then found out she got pregnant while separated…….collecting child support, medical bills, and then Federal Disability money for my husbands “best friend’s” kid, along side her own husband’s child..

My story has not been easy – to go up against not only a state, but crooked people who helped one side versus the truth.  It is now not about the past – this story – or anyone else…right now, I am truly in for the fight of my life – and fight for it I will, but that is for another post soon!  They say God doesn’t give you any more than you can handle…..I’ve been through hell, so maybe my “heaven” is in a much better place than with man who manipulates people and things.

Today – a few challenges for you to choose from as I close:

  • Find some of your favorite quotes, and do a mini album with them!  Quotes are one of the best things that are helping me get through this darkness!
  • Document a time in your life that you didn’t see yourself get through – but you did!  HOW did you get through?  OR if you are going through something now – document them!
  • Start to document the changes in your life, what you are doing and why!  Do this either as an ongoing project – once a month – in your planner SOMETHING!

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Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

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