Rising Above the Ashes

I started Memories in Tyme a LONG time ago…it was my way of being creative…it was my little corner of the internet, just a little something from me to all of you who also love to create!   I have loved bringing you things you can purchase – and things you can recreate!  I have loved talking about all things creative – and a few off topic things nothing to do with creating at all!  The past few months – simply a LOT going on, in all aspects of my life – which makes it so I am re-evaluating everything in my life…and I mean everything AND everyone!

I have learned exactly what I am capable of doing, what I have fallen behind on, and what I need to do in order to do better in my life!  A lot of things to fix and change the next few months – because then, those things I want to do for my “intentions” for next year – won’t be so hard to accomplish!  I have learned how things can change on a DIME that’s for sure!

A recent diagnosis and health scare, has made it so I simply had no extra energy to do anything extra at all.  I had a lot of “things” I wanted to do – but now, some of those things and people didn’t make the final cut!  It was a sad decision, but necessary for my health, and my life!  Right now – I am going to concentrate on the handmade end of Memories in Tyme for the most part, we will have a place to purchase the things I have made, and to customize your orders for things!  I have a bunch of things ready to go, and working on a place for you to order and pay for things here on the site!

We also are working on our one of a kind classes – to start in January!  I am SOOOOOO EXCITED to bring them to you – all things paper craft related – your supplies, your style – me just helping you put it all together!  You won’t find these classes anywhere – it’s all about starting to paper craft and do it on a budget!!!

So today’s challenge – document a time in your life when things didn’t go according to plan!  Find a graphic of some sort – a picture – SOMETHING to add with it – and just journal the event!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


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