The Diagnosis That Changed It All

Have you ever gotten news so shocking, you simply don’t know what to do about it?  It changes the very part of who you are in all ways?  It is something I want to address here, because of “people” in my past STILL wanting to devastate lives, instead of act like humans.  In July, I was rushed to the hospital with a seizure…and then 2 more back to back in September…..of which a diagnosis of Sleeping Epilepsy now.  This is something that frankly can kill me in nothing flat – my husband has saved my life all 3 times…

A “seizure” is almost like rebooting your computer – your brain stops and then it restarts again – but it can simply “stop” and not “restart” too.  Every 10 minutes, someone dies of a seizure!  LOL I am sure as I am typing right now – there are plenty of people who are celebrating this diagnosis – and can’t wait until I die…..sad, but true!  Frankly, if you want my person opinion – I DON’T REALLY CARE what they think!  My journey has nothing to do with mankind, but my Father in Heaven instead.  I have failed so many times, but with Del – his story – simply helping another man out in life, without looking at myself…has taught me what Father wants – and that is love, help for those who can’t do it themselves, at times a help up – and people to care about others… and really – that’s about it!  He taught me that life is about 2 sides to a story, not one….and when you only get that one side of a story and you judge another person based on that side, you get me and the “paternity fraud” page!

This year – I have learned forgiveness – and how family can come together when you need them the most.  How you can let things go for the sake of your sanity…..because honestly, it’s not about anyone else BUT YOU anymore!  You learn to let go that in which has affected you – again you learn forgiveness, because you won’t spend anymore time in things that you didn’t cause, just defended.  Above anything, you learn to trust in Father because that is the only thing you can trust in, other than your husband and family!

What does that mean for me, Memories in Tyme, and my life?  Well – like everything I do – I will do it until I can’t do anymore!  I will document more of my life right now – and from the past… so when I AM GONE – people can know how I handled stuff!  I will create a whole lot more than I did before – and utilize my planner more, so “just in case”!  I will be writing notes for my husband and kids – to give them something final from me to them when I go!  One thing I won’t be doing – is spending a day longer dealing with a story from hell…

Life is about 2 sides to a story, not one side.  I have learned a lot during the past 18 years – some awesome things, and other stuff – not so good.  I have learned to trust more in my husband and my son…and hope for the very best for the two of them “IF” something happens!  At least at the end, I can take care of my 2 men – in ways they couldn’t be taken care of while I was here!

What I won’t be doing – is dealing with a situation a day longer that I didn’t cause.  I’m not sure how people can sit and trust one party without asking questions – that is why this is addressed HERE – and not let MOTHER OF THE YEAR capitalize a day longer on something she knows nothing about.  Either way it goes – I can meet my maker and know I did well in my life at least for another man……I didn’t keep kids away from their father – I didn’t say he was in prison – or call his wife a meth head.  Frankly my mother would beat the hell out of me for lying about another one.  But people in this story could really care less.

To the past – here is your “diagnosis” – your “information”!  Now you can simply STFU about me being a “meth head” – I would be dead.  Now you can STFU about anything about me – and simply ask questions like a human.  I am not going to live forever – and with your mother and this story – THANK GOD for that!  Yet either way – you all have to meet the same entity I am…..  Who helped – who forgave – and who didn’t?

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Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


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