Beginner Scrapbooking

When you first start to create paper crafts – including scrapbooks, cards, and anything else made out of paper – it can be really daunting at the beginning.  A lot of products that you have to choose from – what do you need – what do you NOT need right now…and how do you get started to create fun things – especially on a budget!!!!  I started making my own cards, and at times – they are my favorite things to create!  Other times, I like to create scrapbooks and keep the memories alive of past events and things!

So, my one of a kind classes will be starting in January!  I am really excited to bring you a series of classes from beginner, to expert, plus a few other fun classes in between!  The series classes will come with a workbook, and 4 weeks of classes for one price (still to be determined) – and all done online!  We start out with the basics, and give you techniques you can do when you first start out – and then work our way up from there! 

My classes are meant to get you to create, NOT spend a ton of money!  You will get cost saving tips for supplies, as well as using all of your paper on various projects!  By the time we are done, you will have a mini album, cards, a framed page and a composition notebook with bookmarks finished in the 4 weeks you  spend with me – all with what you need, not me!  More info to follow!!!!  With the album pictured above, it is 5 sheets of 12 x 12 paper/cardstock cut into 4’ths and arranged nicely!  I used ribbon to attach the album on the sides, and really didn’t spend much money except for the paper in the first place!  I use what I have at home, and will teach you to do the same!

Check back for more information when the classes will start in January!  We will have a supply list posted soon, so you can make sure to ask for gift cards to your local craft stores, or shop online and send everyone links to what you want!  I assure you, I will help you spend money wisely, or I will help you use up all that stuff you have bought – but have no idea what to do with!

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