Happy Anniversary!!!

Today would have been my parents’ anniversary!  Married in Utah – in the LDS Temple for eternity…  I’m not sure I really understood that “eternity” with “one person” thing, until I have been with my husband for 18.5 years now, and can look back at how hard it truly has been.  But enough about me – lets talk about my parents!

Dad died on 8/5/2004 – 5 years to the day after my ex-husband committed suicide which was 3 days after my birthday!  I was born 5 years after my older sibling – and never felt like I fit in with any of them until recently.  Yet that is what getting a diagnosis that can kill you in nothing flat – does to you and your relationships (or should anyway)!  My sister – has showed me love – respect – help (not monetary, but emotional).  She has helped me to learn more in the past 4 months than I can thank her for!  Then there are others…………………………..

So today – I want you to spend some time documenting you significant other!  How did you meet – when did you meet -what attracted you to them?  Find your favorite picture and create a layout of the two of you! OR – I want you to make a few anniversary/love cards to put in your stash of cards!

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