Being Thankful –

Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the USA!  If you aren’t – I simply hope you read to the end, and join me in a challenge or two!   Today is all about being thankful – and as I sit here, I am working at home…..listening to my husband cook our Thanksgiving meal – play his video games and watch one of his favorite movies!  I am blessed!

Today, I have a lot to be thankful for – my husband especially!  Where he needed me at the beginning of our relationship, the tides have now turned…and it is me needing him more than anything now.  In July, I had my first seizure – which put me in ICU for a week – and then in September, 2 more back to back, that gave me the diagnosis of “sleeping epilepsy”.

Am I sad, hell yes…am I happy – HELL YES, I can simply go to sleep and stop breathing and leave this horrible place called earth/people/life – and go be with God and the Angels – how freaking happy is that – no more pain, suffering, being called names and talked about!!!

I decided to do a mini album, especially now…about those things RIGHT NOW I am thankful for.  It’s not in “fall colors” – it is more my “favorite” colors!  I want it to be a happy project, something that is just “me”!!!!  So, your “challenge’s”:

  •   Do a layout or mini project that showcases the things in your life that your are thankful for.  Not the “things” – but the THINGS!  Pictures if possible!
  • Make a few cards for people that you are thankful for, and send them out next week!  Take the time to create a handmade card and write something on the inside SPECIFICALLY for that person!

If you do take me up on my challenges, make sure you share with me the results!  I hope you have a great day being “thankful” for the little things, because they truly are the BIG things in life!!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

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