Christmas Cards –

This year – I have a few styles ready to go, amounts are very limited – so if you need more than 4, you might need to pick a few styles that you like to get to the amount you need!  If there is a style you like – get with me SOON…. in order to recreate it in the amount/colors you need!  They are all one of a kind styles, and some are done in both white and ivory backgrounds!!!

If you have a style you really like – please get with me soon to see if that style is still available.  If you have a style you want to recreate on your own and need my opinion on, or “what I used” on the card, send me a message and I can get back to you on what you are looking for!  Everything here I did – was made with supplies I have at home and available to me… I don’t spend a lot of money on my supplies, I try to use what I have first, before spending money I don’t have!  Through the month, I will make sure to share with you some of the cards and the details more in depth, check back for sure!

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Lynda Jeffs

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