Which side of the family tree do you fall on – one who knows everything about both sides, or do you only know one side and what you are “told” about the other side?  If you are one of those who know “nothing” about one side or the other of your family – I would suggest you research on your own.  Don’t listen to anyone…listen to where the documentation takes you.  Papers don’t lie – people do, but paperwork doesn’t.  I started building my family tree on – it’s fun to actually put together the names from those who struggled to get me where I am today.  I also seen first hand – what my ancestors went through, based on stories from others who were there!  Instead of judging my family based on what my mom said, I judged them based on what I read first hand!  Plus my dad is gone, I can’t get his stories from him, but I can go and look at what others in the family have found…in order to judge for myself about things I knew nothing about (wink, wink)!

Working on my husband’s side of the family tree – well, that made a lot more sense looking at my husband and who he is TODAY.  His father died when Del was 16, and Del’s dad’s dad (his grandfather) died when Del’s dad was 16 – both of the same thing.  Del almost lost his life – his older 3 kids would have been teens at the time.  Really, we don’t know a lot about his side of the family – and what we are told – wasn’t too flattering to a man no longer on this earth that can defend himself… whether it is wrong, or whether it is right.

So, a few challenges for you all –

  • Find your own family stories.  Go on a site that can help you build your tree, just make sure you are connecting the RIGHT PERSON, because your tree can then go in various directions that it wasn’t meant to if you don’t!
  • Get pictures of your family – those you “want” to add, and start to build a family tree on one of your walls!  Find a neat saying and add to it SOMEWHERE!
  • Start to create an album with your family in it – start with immediate family members – work your way out to siblings – tell stories about each of them.  It’s not for you – you know them…the stories are for those coming AFTER you!

One thing – if you don’t have a relationship with someone in your family – reach out…ask them questions directly.  Don’t take for face value what people say about another person.  Sometimes – people use things to their advantage…  I challenge you to get your own stories.  I found out Del’s third great grandfather – was actually adopted, and HIS mother, actually worked in the Palace in England when she got pregnant.  She died at a young age, and George Henry was then adopted into the family.  We didn’t find this out from anyone BUT my research!  I challenge you to do the same about your own family!

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