December Get Er’ Done Challenge

Can you believe December is here already?  Can you even believe we are at the end of the year – one more month and we are done with 2018!  It seems the longer I am with my husband, the faster time is flying by!  This next year – I want for things to run smoother for us – a bit more work to do, but the planner we have for the family is really helping for the moment!  We will see if I can get more done this month utilizing it!!!!

I am not sure about you guys – but LOL I have a boat load of birthdays this month, plus Christmas!!!!  2 of my 3 kids have birthdays, and the other one is early February…  Either way – it seems this time of year I have a lot going on, THIS year though, is going to be SPECIAL!  So, grab your calendars, your planners, your phones – whatever you use to organize your life – and lets get started, shall we!

  • Take a look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks – this brings us until the middle of January!  What kind of events do you have going on in your life – what holidays do you celebrate (or don’t) that you need to put on your calendar for the month?
  • Next look at the next 3 months – this would be until end of February!  What do you have during this time that needs to be planned on?  Valentines Day – any birthday’s during this time period?  Things you might have going on that you need to make – buy – or whatever, get this added!
  • Last look at the next 6 months – until the end of May!  What all do you have during this time period that you need to get put on your list of things to get done?  I have another boat load of birthdays during this time – LOL but I might want to get started on them now!

I might not get everything done that I want to GET done, but I will sure get done what I can!  This year with my seizures, well, it makes it so I do what I can when I can!  I hope you join me today in spending time planning out the next 6 months of events, holidays, parties, and things you need to get done!

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Lynda Jeffs

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