Creative Goals for 2019

Creatively – do you have any goals you want to accomplish for next year yet?  Or – like me, are you simply flying by the seat of your pants with no particular goals in site of what you want to accomplish?  When I had kids at home, it was easier to document everything, now that we are “empty nesters” for the most part, things are a bit different “creatively”!  All I need to do now – is adapt to those changes!  

My creative list for the upcoming year –

  1.  To make sure I have a monthly binder to put all the things in it we need to get done for the house, as well as events, birthday’s, etc..  I want to have a place that I can put all the receipts for the month too!  
  2. Something to document my relationship with Del!  The good – the bad – the ugly!   I want how we met – what he means to me – what we have endured and what we share included in it!  
  3. I want to go through all the scrapbooks I do have right now – scan all the layouts, and give each of my kids’ albums to them!  Also need to get my family albums copied for my kids as well!
  4. Start on my oldest son’s album – LOL but he’s 32, soon to be 33!  
  5. Get my classes started for creating…and have them ready to go in February!
  6. Get a list of holiday’s, birthday’s, events and anniversaries we need to send cards for – and make things for…and get it DONE and in the mail before hand!  
  7. By the end of the year – I want to have my creative space looking better, with everything in one place for ALL of my supplies.  Something I can have in a main living space, but doors to put it all in when I am not using them.
  8. Make a list of the furniture we have currently that is needed to be refinished, and have them done by mid-year!  
  9. Get the fairy garden started this year – for my outdoor space!  It will be for the angels that have that have passed on!  Each house created will be different, and special for each person gone before us!
  10. Create a mini album FULL of my favorite quotes and sayings that got me through the past few years!
  11. Framed pictures for my house of my favorite memories and people in my life!  I have a ton of pictures for just this reason!        

I have a lot creatively that needs to get done – and since the new health issues…I want to get as much done while I simply can!  I also want to document how to create while on a budget, because YOU CAN!!!  I hope you will join me this upcoming year on how YOU can create your own style of handmade items while on a budget!  

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Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme    

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