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In September, I spoke to an AMAZING friend of mine Kris… kind of about life, but more about me being stuck in such a rut… Kris owns her own business that her husband and her built from the ground up! I trusted her opinion, and she decided to gift me her class that was starting up! Right in the middle of it all, I had 2 more seizure’s and was in the hospital for another week, so I couldn’t finish up the class! After the class ended, I watched all the video’s and have been working on things since…WOW what a difference 4 months makes when you start to work on YOU!

Kris helped get me out of my funk…even WITH my new diagnosis. She made me – for the first time in my life – believe in ME! She made me look at everything – deep within myself and decide that SOME things truly didn’t matter – other things, well it didn’t matter what people thought, and even OTHER things, well…exactly what I am capable of doing!

So what all has changed in my life because of this challenge:

  • I am looking more at my talents and my business…and deciding what needs to stay, what needs to go, and what I need to spend more time on!
  • Just from what things I did choose to work on, this challenge has also helped my husband in ways I never thought possible!
  • By letting go of a horrible situation in our lives, and not really caring what people think or feel about us – has given us the capacity TO get other things done!
  • More money coming in the house – better jobs…more guts TO start our business!
  • Doing a “visual board” now – to put above my work space! This way, I can “see” where I want to be and what I want, versus “wishing” for it!
  • I have realized I have a STORY…..and no matter what, nobody can take that from me!
  • I have learned that I love quotes – and art – and I need to keep doing those things in my life!
  • I have also learned that my brain has taken on way too much, and if I don’t spend time on ME – then I end up being a really rude person!
  • Goals are very important, and I am ready to be in the 1%!
  • I have learned that in spite of all in life we have been handed – it is much more satisfactory when you build a business yourself, and you don’t get it “handed” to you!
  • Out of anything – I learned my brain can be re-trained to think a better way! I don’t need to stay in the rut, in the middle of situations – I can be true to ME, and for THAT – I am thankful!

She has another 21 day challenge, and if you do ANYTHING for yourself this year – THIS is what you need to do for YOU – ESPECIALLY if you are in a rut of any kind! Unstoppable Warrior – UNSTOPPABLE YOU! Her price is AMAZING – her 21 days spent with her ARE AMAZING – SHE IS AMAZING! Come and join us – I can’t wait to see where I am at by the end of the year – I already see progress from the last challenge!

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