My Angel Girl Steph

Stephanie was my niece…my older brother David’s daughter! She was my first girl born in the family – we had 2 boys, then Steph – 2 more boys and then my niece Emily, then 2 more boys and then my daughter! She couldn’t live with her mom and dad, so I moved her in with me, much to the dismay of “family”!

Steph died on 1/8/14…I talked to her every day the year before she died… We had one of those family relationships where we fought – and then got along – fought – and then got along! She helped me when I left my ex-husband…and took care of my kids…got them to school, the whole bit! This is the last picture I have of her and I…never thought I could miss someone SO MUCH as I do her!

She taught me a lot – but the one thing, how to be true to who you are no matter what! I am AT LEAST doing that! As I close…the challenge for you – find someone that has taught you SOMETHING, and make sure to document it all!!!

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Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

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