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This challenge will be going on for a while, so if you are joining us late, go ahead and start here for all the details! Today, we are just checking in to see how everyone is doing with their album itself, and look at the first 2 letters. For the project itself, have you thought at all how you want it to look??? Are you making an album, or finding a journal for it instead?

If you ARE making it, do you want coordinating colors and papers, a larger album – smaller one??? Think about these features before you do anything else, it makes it easier in the long run by taking some time to think and plan ahead! I had to do that with mine before I started it. This one needed a different thought process to make sure I had enough space for each of the letters of the alphabet plus the features I wanted. I will have another post shortly with more of the specific details of my album, make sure to check back for that idea!

If you are not making an album itself – and you are doing more “journaling” than anything, skip the last part and lets talk about the options you have instead! You can find the perfect journal and pen set, go get a notebook and alter it, making sure you get a nice pen as well (idea here) – or just grab some lined paper and write it down for the moment until you decide HOW to do it! It’s more about the journaling than the album anyway! Plus you have to think about each of the letters and what describes you! I have small sheets of paper (4.25 x 5.5) with a letter on each one. As you think of a phrase, word or quote – add it to the letter! I have Epilepsy, so I might find a quote or something for it, and add it under the “E”.

Be creative – this is all about YOU… A – Z, who are YOU. Add pictures, don’t add them – do a mixture of both… who cares, just start documenting who you are A – Z! Check back the end of the week to talk about the first 2 letters we are working on!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

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