When I decided to do my A – Z album, I knew that a paper bag style album was going to be perfect for this project. It was cheap to make, and I could customize it as well! I wanted to be able to put various things in it…. things that makes up “ME”! I made sure to add plenty of pockets as well, and the end result is exactly what I envisioned!!!

I made the spine a bit larger due to having to add more pages for the letters. I knew for some of the letters I wouldn’t have as many words to go with them, so I put them on one page! I used 6 paper bags, with 4 letters on each bag, leaving plenty of room to put everything I need in one place! It also made it perfect for the items I want to add to it, I didn’t have to worry about where to put the little things I wanted to keep! The last post is here – it will give you a link for the very first post on it as well!!

As you think of something for a letter, have something to write it down. Sometimes the craziest things happen when you least expect it, especially when it comes to something like this! For this time, work on the letters A and B!!!! My words will include accident prone, appreciative, authentic, August….. bitch, baby of the family, bull headed, blond until I was 14! Have fun with this project, it is after all, ALL about you! See you on the 15th for more!

Thanks for stopping by – until next time,

Lynda Jeffs

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