You are who “you are” – all the good, bad, pretty and the ugly, and nobody can do YOU better THAN you! I have an album I started a LONG time ago… well, the ALBUM is finished, but no journaling yet! It’s the journaling that is hard for me… If I had started that part a few years ago, the words to describe me wouldn’t be so nice. Now, it is WAY different – and I am anxious to get it all started! So to get me to push myself to FINISH this project, I’m going to do a 6 month, A – Z about me album, I hope you will join me!

For the first month – we are going to create the album itself, and work on 2 letters! Starting in September, we will do 2 letters every 2 weeks! This way, we can get it done in 6 months or less! I will share with you my album in a post next week – a paper bag album!!! I simply have not thought about the words that describe me… With my album, I have pockets that I can put things like phrases, quotes, pictures of “things” I like… The possibilities are endless, it’s up to YOU to decide what you want YOURS to look like!

For this next part, take 7 sheets of paper, cut in half (5.5″, and then cut that in half at 4.25″) you need 26 sheets after they are cut, putting each letter of the alphabet on each sheet. As you think about something that fits that letter, trust me – you WANT to write it down! You might want to ask others what would use to describe you as, you can add them! Remember to put the TRUTH, but don’t beat yourself up! In other words, I am a BITCH… and I know it. I will use that word, but I would NEVER use “c*nt”. Not to describe me OR anyone else! Have fun starting on your project, and let me know you are joining, I will be having a prize at the end for those that share their pages with me!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

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