My husband and I at Lake Tahoe

Our Philosophy

When it comes to figuring out what you are “good at” and what you aren’t, I didn’t figured out until later on in life just WHAT that was! But, that is what rebuilding your life does to you, it makes you evaluate what is important, and what is NOT! Sometimes that takes you to a place where you never thought you would go or be!

I met my husband Del in 2000, both of us out of “interesting” marriages to say the least! My marriage caused me to have seizures because of a head injury that went unnoticed. Del had been separated/divorced for a long time before we met, once we got together we each found our soul mate! Oh we make each other CRAZY at times, we fight hard – we love hard… but it is US and how we are!!!

Our Story


I started creating handmade cards back in 1990my first project, was my daughter Terra’s birth announcements made out of cardstock and a Disney stamp! That one thing, sparked something inside me, that helped keep me going even when I didn’t WANT to go on! When I moved back home, my sister Debra showed me a scrapbook store and an instant love was formed (especially with all of these stamps I already had)!!!

It took a chance meeting with Lisa Bernson, founding editor for Creating Keepsakes magazine for me to take myself a bit more seriously – and back to school I went to learn more about graphic and web design!  Coming back home, again – proved to be the best thing for me, my business, and my family! Check out some of my favorite people, places and things!

Random Facts

  1. I have 3 kids (adults now) and my husband (not their father)!  My kids watched me endure things I never should have had to…just married in to.  That made it so they don’t really want children until they are ready.  One of mine doesn’t want them at all!
  2. My very first grandchild was born, Ms. Zoey Rain made her entrance into the world 3.5 weeks early on 12/5/2020!!!!! Considered a “preemie”, but is just perfect! Stayed a few extra days in the hospital to make sure she was okay! 4 generations of women….. Zoey is special, just like her mommy is!
  3. Del saved my life twice the past few years – after an abusive ex-husband, now I have “epilepsy”. We went to bed one night, and next thing I know, I’m being wheeled out on a stretcher. 2 months later 2 more back to back and the diagnosis from hell.
  4. I love watching soap operas – LOL but can’t stand living in the middle of one!  I hate drama queens and those that cause drama in others’ lives – soaps are one thing, but try living IN REAL LIFE one for over 20 years.
  5. I love watching HGTV – and hope to flip a house in my lifetime with my family, or at the least find a place I can fix up for myself and my family!!!
  6. I recently started a bucket list – my first item was sunset at Lake Tahoe (sharing with you here at the top of the page) – beautiful place!!  Totally God’s best kept secret for sure!
  7. Del and I moved out of Utah the very end of 2007! We went to Colorado for 5 years, California for a year, and ended up in Reno, Nevada until November 2019. We came BACK home to Utah after being gone, one month shy of 12 full years.
  8. We have 2 cats at the moment in which are our “fur babies”! Hank is the only one left out of the 3 original cats we have had since we have been together!
  9. We lost our mom cat Tygress the beginning of the year 2018, so we “HAD 3” cats! After 17.5 years of being in our lives, she is gone. I still am sad and can’t believe she isn’t with us anymore!
  10. After we lost Ty, we ended up with another completely awesome little girl kitty named Felix! She is very small – and simply what we call “cat on crack” LOL! She has caught 8 birds, 9 mice, a lizard, and now 4 grasshoppers… and she’s 2 (check upside down cat out – that’s her)!!!!
  11. After we got Felix, one of our “boys” Baer (yes, named after a football dude) – was killed by being poisoned. We still have a hard time talking about it, and seeing pictures of him! I hate vindictive people who will do things to animals…
  12. I LOVE to read, boy do I love to read!  As long as it is helpful, interesting, gets me away from it all for 5 minutes, I love to read it!  I also used to do book reviews for a web site, and LOVED getting free books! Moving back home, well… I never have to worry about books, my family has more than enough for me to read!!!!
  13. I am just learning how to coupon and save money!  You can really save a lot of money if you put your mind to it!!!
  14. I procrastinate like you would not believe!!!  Boy do I procrastinate!  Nothing like flying by the seat of your pants when you create – THAT IS ME!
  15. Life has thrown me a LOT of curve balls – but I refuse to let it bring me down!  You learn it really doesn’t matter what someone else thinks in life, the curve balls are going to come no matter what. It’s what you do with them that matters!
  16. Going back to school when you are older in life – is a really hard thing to do… when you get on the Dean’s and President’s list at that old age, it is very accomplishing!!
  17. I have always been a dork, and honestly I COULD CARE LESS!!!!!
  18. I just got my first smart phone 4 years ago!  I love it, but love my tablet more!
  19. I have no fashion style and am way more comfortable being at home and in sweats than anything!!! That brings me to my next point!!!
  20. I honestly could care less what people think of my “fashion style”, my “looks”, and how “beautiful” I am or am not! When you work at home, you end up not caring about your wardrobe, but more about comfort LOL!
  21. Chocolate and Pepsi and I are best of friends! That’s not always a good thing when you have to watch what you eat!  
  22. I love making baked goods – but hate cooking dinner!!  Thankful I met my husband or I would have starved to death by now LOL!
  23. I am on the Creative Paperclay Design Team and have been for 7 years now! I love to share some of the fun things I have made for the team!
  24. I love building my family tree!  I think everyone should build their tree and have their DNA ran from a reputable company.  You learn more about where you came from – and your own personal families stories!! You even learn at times things you were never told.

Random Thoughts

Sometimes broken people can’t be fixed, no matter how hard you try TO fix them. 

Sometimes you need to look back, in order to move forward in life… 

I have learned – life goes on!  You might not want it to, but life goes on! When my niece died in 2014, that one event changed the very part of who I am today.  I still don’t know how to deal with the fact she is gone and I won’t talk to her EVER again.  People take life for granted – like they are going to be there the next time you want them “in your life”, but they might not be…  Sad if you ask me!

Your past decisions you make in life does not define who you are – it MAKES you who you are today. 

If you JUDGE another based on another person’s word, without getting THAT other side, it defines who you are, not the person you are judging.

Life sometimes brings you people that can help you to grow as an individual…..and that is not always for the GOOD, but needed in order TO learn.

I have learned the lengths people can go to, in order to get what they want in life.  They will mow you over with a lie so fast your head will spin, and it will take you years to recover from the “effect’s” of what was said.

3 things can’t be hidden for long – the sun, the moon, and the truth!

I love to create!!!!!!  I REALLY love to create!!!!! I love to take paper and make “something” out of it… or a recycled container and do something neat with it. It’s just “me”