Our Philosophy

You know when you are a kid, trying to figure out what you want to be when you are an adult?  I didn’t figure things out until later on in life, but that is what rebuilding your life does to you – it makes you evaluate what is important, and what is not!

With Memories in Tyme – you won’t find our creations anywhere!  You get personalized service for not the personalized price!!  If you happen to be on a budget – this is my specialty since my husband was taken out of work in 2003, I lived the economy – and learned a lot along the way – this I pass on to you!

Our Story

I started creating handmade cards back in 1990 – my first project, was my daughter Terra’s birth announcements, I made out of cardstock and a Disney stamp! When I moved back home to Utah – an instant love for creating scrapbooks was formed!!!

It took a chance meeting with Lisa Bernson, founding editor for Creating Keepsakes magazine for me to take myself a bit more seriously – and went back to school I did!  I went to school for graphic design, which has only helped me further where designing is concerned!

Moving out of Utah, and being able to heal through other situations, has helped to create our little corner of the universe!  From creating things for other people both digitally and paper wise, to classes to learn how, to being on design teams, you will find a bit of everything here!!!  What you won’t find – is DRAMA…..this site, is a drama free zone, one filled with craft techniques, and not THE PAST!

Random Facts

  1. I have 3 adult “kids”, but no grandchildren yet!
  2. I have 3 cats in which are our “fur babies”, that have been with us moving across 4PICT0007 state lines!
  3. I love watching soap operas – LOL but can’t stand living in the middle of one!
  4. I love watching HGTV – and hope to flip a house in my lifetime with my family!!!
  5. I recently started a bucket list – my first item was sunset at Lake Tahoe (sharing with you here)!!
  6. I do not live close to my family and am not “close to” my family either!
  7. I LOVE to read, boy do I love to read!
  8. I enjoy watching movies and spending time with my husband, who is also my best friend!
  9. I am just learning how to coupon!
  10. I procrastinate like you would not believe and recently got an amazing planner from Heidi Swapp I am utilizing!
  11. Life has thrown me a LOT of curve balls – but I refuse to let them bring me d104own!
  12. Going back to school when you are older in life – is a really hard thing…when you get on the Dean’s and President’s list though is very accomplishing AT that older age!!
  13. I have always been a dork!
  14. I just got my first smart phone 2 years ago!
  15. I have no fashion style and am way more comfortable being at home and in sweats than anything!!!
  16. Chocolate and Pepsi and I are best of friends!
  17. I love making baked goods – but hate cooking dinner!!
  18. I was diagnosed with Crohns disease in 2008 and it changed my life.
  19. I am on the Creative Paperclay Design Team and have been for over 3 years now!
  20. I love to recycle boxes, cans and more – to make one of a kind “things” made out of paper!
  21. I enjoyed doing book reviews and getting free books!004 (2)
  22. When love is meant to be – nothing can stand in its way!
  23. When my niece died in 2014, that one event changed the very part of who I am today.
  24. I hate drama queens and those that cause drama in others’ lives..
  25. Life goes ON…..you might not want it to, but it moves on. You can either move with it – or not!
  26. Your past decisions you make in life does not define you – it truly makes it who you are today!
  27. I love working on my family history even though I do not know “family” much!!!
  28. I am 5 years younger than my older sibling…..my mom had 2 families you might say!
  29. Life brings people in it that you need – sometimes that is to grow!
  30. I am learning to move on!!!  🙂

Contact me

If you want a personalized quote, contact me further with as much information as you can give me – including a good time for me to contact you via phone and what we are doing, in order to make our time spent together well spent!  You will get personalized service the way you want it!  Send messages to Memoriesintyme@gmail.com

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