Our Philosophy

When it comes to figuring out what you are “good at” and what you aren’t – that wasn’t figured out until later on in life, but that is what rebuilding your life does to you, it makes you evaluate what is important, and what is NOT!  I am at the end of “rebuilding” my life – not everything made the cut…not everything was MEANT TO.

With Memories in Tyme, you won’t find our creations anywhere!  Everything we do is one of a kind – it is rather hard for me to create the same thing twice, even IF I use the same supplies on both projects!  I also know how to save money – I have lived the current economy since 2003 and learned a lot along the way, this I pass on to you both when you learn – and when you purchase a handmade creation from us!

Our Story


I started creating handmade cards back in 1990my first project, was my daughter Terra’s birth announcements, made out of cardstock and a Disney stamp!  When I moved back home, my sister Debra showed me a scrapbook store and an instant love was formed (especially with all of these stamps I already had)!!!

It took a chance meeting with Lisa Bernson, founding editor for Creating Keepsakes magazine for me to take myself a bit more seriously – and back to school I went to learn more about graphic and web design, but originally it was to learn to design my own scrapbook paper line LOL!

Moving out of Utah, and being able to heal through other situations, has helped to create my little corner of the universe here!  From creating items for other people both digitally and paper, to classes to learn how to create your own, to being on design teams, you will find a bit of everything here!!!

Random Facts

  1. I have 3 adult kids in which has watched me endure things I never should have had to…just married in to.  That made it so they don’t really want children until they are ready……and with the RIGHT PERSON.  1 of mine don’t want kids at all!
  2. I have 2 cats in which are our “fur babies”, that have been with us moving across 4 state lines!
  3. We just lost our mom cat Tygress the beginning of the year 2018, so we “HAD 3” cats!  After 17.5 years of being in our lives, she is gone.  I still am sad and can’t believe she isn’t with us anymore!  (See #4 LOL)
  4. Ryan just got a little kitten – I swear he is a reincarnation of our mom cat, only in a male body!  He is the funniest thing, more like a dog than a kitten! 
  5. I love watching soap operas – LOL but can’t stand living in the middle of one!  I hate drama queens and those that cause drama in others’ lives – soaps are one thing, but try living IN REAL LIFE one for over 18 years.
  6. I love watching HGTV – and hope to flip a house in my lifetime with my family, or at the least find a place I can fix up for myself and my family!!!

  7. I recently started a bucket list – my first item was sunset at Lake Tahoe (sharing with you here at the top of the page) – beautiful place!!  Totally God’s best kept secret for sure, one I am glad nobody else knows about (wink, wink)!
  8. I have learned a LOT about “family” the past few years especially.  Some amazing things, like the power of forgiveness – and when you need someone in your life, how they are THERE… especially when you have a seizure and almost die.  I have also learned how – when people want to lie – and make another be the ENTIRE issue, how they will do that as well.
  9. I have learned that people are MORE than willing to listen to the bad things that are told about another,no matter if they are true or not.  When you have to defend yourself against a liar – it is the liar that wins every time.
  10. I LOVE to read, boy do I love to read!  As long as it is helpful, interesting, gets me away from my current situation for 5 minutes, I love to read it!  I also used to do book reviews, and LOVED getting free books!
  11. I am just learning how to coupon and save money!  You can really save a lot of money if you put your mind to it!!!
  12. I procrastinate like you would not believe!!!  Boy do I procrastinate!  Nothing like flying by the seat of your pants when you create – THAT IS ME!
  13. Life has thrown me a LOT of curve balls – but I refuse to let them bring me down!  The funniest part on that subject, is those in my past that has not quite learned you can’t bring me down with a comment (wink, wink)!!!!
  14. Going back to school when you are older in life – is a really hard thing to do… when you get on the Dean’s and President’s list at that old age, it is very accomplishing!!

  15. I have always been a dork!  I don’t really care either – I am who I am, and people’s opinions aren’t really necessary to me!  My journey in life is with ME – my Higher Power who created me – my husband – my children, not with “mankind”.
  16. I just got my first smart phone 4 years ago!  I love it, but love my tablet more!
  17. I have no fashion style and am way more comfortable being at home and in sweats than anything!!!  I honestly could care less what people think of my “fashion style”, my “looks”, and how “beautiful” I am or am not!
  18. Chocolate and Pepsi and I are best of friends!  See #20 LOL!
  19. I love making baked goods – but hate cooking dinner!!  Thank God I met my husband or I would have starved to death by now LOL!
  20. I was diagnosed with Crohns disease in 2008 and it changed my life in some ways – but NOT in others (see #18).
  21. I am on the Creative Paperclay Design Team and have been for 5 years now!
  22. I love to recycle things people would normally throw away – boxes into storage containers, can’s into gifts – bottles into Snowmen – jars into storage – boxes into mini albums…..I just love to recycle!
  23. I love building my family tree, even though I don’t know family much!  I think everyone should build their tree and have their DNA ran from a reputable company.  You can’t claim “I’m not the father” when you are GENETICALLY matched to someone (wink, wink).
  24. Sometimes broken people can’t be fixed, no matter how hard you try TO fix them.  Sometimes you need to look back, in order to move forward in life…  I have also learned – life goes on!  You might not want it to, but life goes on!
  25. When my niece died in 2014, that one event changed the very part of who I am today.  I still don’t know how to deal with the fact she is gone and I won’t talk to her EVER again.  People take life for granted – like they are going to be there the next time you want them “in your life”, but they might not be…  Sad frankly.
  26. I am 5 years younger than my older sibling…and have always felt out of place, until my seizure this year!
  27. Your past decisions you make in life does not define who you are – it MAKES you who you are today.  If you JUDGE another based on ONE person’s word, now THAT defines WHO YOU ARE.  Life sometimes brings you people that can help you to grow as an individual…..and not always for the GOOD.
  28. 3 things can’t be hidden for long – the sun, the moon, and the truth!
  29. I love to create!!!!!!  I really enjoy donating the cards that I create to my church, and seeing the looks on people’s faces when they get a handmade card made by me!!
  30. We have been gone from Utah for almost 11 years now!  It has been such a blessing in disguise!  It is wonderful when you get in the right environment, how you can heal through situations!