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Altered notebooks are a lot of fun to do, and great for various things!  Awesome to customize to anyone getting one!  Add a bookmark, or a few corner bookmarks, and it makes the entire collection PERFECT!!! 

With school being right now, you will see a lot of composition notebooks going on clearance!  Watch for them, you can pick them up for cheap once they go on clearance!  Pick up a bunch instead of spending at least $1, then you can use them as you need to! 

The notebooks above were specially made!  My niece, before she died…..asked me to make 2 notebooks, one for her, and one for her best friend Jessie, who has epilepsy!  She wanted them alike but different!  Being diagnosed with epilepsy almost a year ago, makes me appreciate the color that much more!  She simply wanted a place for Jessie to put down her thoughts! 

For a notebook like this, you will need:

  1. A composition notebook
  2. 1 sheet 12 x 12 paper cut in half
  3. 1 sheet 6 x 12 cardstock for the spine
  4. Embellishments for the front of the notebook
  5. Scraps for corner bookmarks 

If you search for altered notebooks, you will find a bunch of ideas, as well as the directions if you need them!  Share what you have made with us!  I would love to see what others do with their creations!

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