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Baby cards – one of those cards you will end up making time and time again, where the same stamp can be used in so many different ways!  You always start with the card base, but the background papers – and the embellishments you use, will go hand in hand with each decision you make!  Notice the same stamp was used in all three cards here – embossed in white.  The blue card below, is more of a simple card creation, versus the other 2 – where we did a lot more intricate work!  
As you start out, look at cards that really spark your attention.  What details do they have that you like and want to use on your creation? Another question you can ask yourself – is who is getting the creation in the first place?  If they tend to throw away what you have spent time making, don’t go in to as much details as you would someone who keeps your creation and frames it.    

Making handmade cards is fun – and yes, time consuming!  One thing you can do, if you are already working on a “baby layout”, pull out the rest of the supplies and make the card bases up, for use later on!  This way, you don’t have to pull the supplies out AGAIN!  Decide how many baby cards you will need soon, or how many you want to keep on hand!  With baby cards, I usually have 1 pink and blue, and 2 each of yellow and green!  

Same thing with the die cuts you select, learn to use them with different “things” such as the die cuts used in the green card above – and the pink baby card here!  Balloons can be used for not just “birthdays”!!!  

For the green card above – the baby stockings were made from my Sizzix Machine’s Christmas sock die cut!
Step one:  Die cut 2 solid socks, and 2 patterned socks.
Step two:  Trim the top, heel, and toe of the patterned socks – throw away the leftovers.
Step three:  Glue on the pieces from the patterned paper, to the solid socks.  
Step four:  Trim the top cuff off the two creations, and the leg part of the socks. Step five:  Add the cuffs to each of the socks, add to your card or creation!  

**Tip – make sure when you die cut your socks, you are going in the same direction when you cut them!  This is especially important if you only have a small bit of paper left to use!  

Tomorrow we will be talking about birthday cards, with more examples of fun cards!  Hope to see you back – with even more card examples the rest of the week and next!  

  Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme


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