Birthday Card Challenge – Are You Ready?

I started to look at what I have for birthday cards for my own personal use, and was not too happy with what I seen!  I have plenty of cards to sell, but nothing for me to send out to friends and family, let alone those birthdays that you just find out about!  Thus, this challenge, LOL which is more for me to get stuff done than for you!  I will probably be creating a few other birthday related items while I am at it, and sharing through the month, so check back for sure!  Lets get started:

  • Get things put together you want to create with, such as the stamps, punches, die cuts, and anything else you have – all placed in one area (see photo).
  • Look at the items you have for inspiration such as Pinterest, blogs, catalogs, ads…and start to form links and sketches to help you to create.  
  • Make a list of birthday’s you have that you want to send cards out to this year.  As you look at your list – is there a time that you are especially busy with one event or another?  Get those birthdays on the list – so you have them done NOW!  
  • If you have to shop, make a list.  Make sure you have something in mind for what you are doing!  Don’t forget to include the stamps while you are at it, for those you need to mail out!   
I just got my Stampin’ Up kit, which has some birthday themed items included!  I can’t wait to take the time to create my mom and my mother in law a couple of really beautiful flower themed birthday cards!  I want them to be special – so spending a bit more time in looking for the perfect items to create with, along with the perfect card to create for them!  I will be working on a few card ideas this week, various sized too!  Plus a few gift card holders to go along with the cards too, and unique ways to present your gifts!  I am making a list, creating a few sketches to create with, and checking out my Pinterest page for inspiration!  I have 2 days off soon, I am going to get much done!   
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Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

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